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Downtown Fort Worth: Photo Safari with "Molly the Trolley"

Fort Worth’s Downtown area is one of the greatest treasures in the State of Texas, rich in photo opportunities for any camera or phone!

But it is a little long – 1 mile - making it difficult to capture all its beauty and character in one morning.  So, local Fort Worth photographer and Cowtown Photo Safaris founder, Sandra Reid, is going to take you around on Molly the Trolley to 3 of the best sites in comfortable air-conditioned/heated  splendor, while teaching you techniques of photography!
We start our safari at 9:15 a.m. right in front of the entrance to the Fort Worth Water Gardens across from the Omni Hotel at the 1300 Houston Street entrance with a 30-minute orientation on travel and people photography: how to use the camera to capture the best images when you travel, how to understand f-stops and shutter speeds, choice of lens to use, how to pose people, how to shoot architecture, water falls, movement, and how to capture the essence of street photography. The Safari provides the unique photographic opportunity to sharpen your skills and to capture memories for a lifetime.  You’ll get hands on instruction and immediate feedback for continuous improvement right on the spot!  We will emphasize different photography skills at each of the stops throughout our time together.
After capturing lots of the beauty throughout the Water Gardens area, we then climb on Molly the Trolley for a short ride to experience downtown Fort Worth’s incredible warmth and amazing charm!  We will depart having practiced many new techniques to help you create your vision of a great visual memory!  Capturing the beauty of rushing waterfalls, calm water pools, and morning light will no longer be a challenge for those on our Safari!
We then ride in style with Molly the Trolley to Sundance Square that is both modern and historic!  Redbrick streets, courtyards, lush landscaping, and an expansive plaza provide plenty of opportunity to hone skills for techniques in street photography and architectural photographic art as well.  With building murals and various statuary beauty all around there will be just no doubt we are in the heart of vibrant Cowtown!
We end our safari at noon in front of the incredibly beautiful Renaissance Revival architectural style Tarrant County Courthouse (built in 1893).  We will enjoy together a wrap-up session and a group photograph in front of the pink Texas granite building that also has a fabulous clock tower high atop the historic structure.  Our main focus here will be expanding important techniques in architectural photography and exposure.
At each location we get out and take pictures with Sandra's direction and guidance on many specific photography techniques already mentioned above also to include best composition and camera use all along the way.  There is a Molly the Trolley coming about every 10 minutes, giving us plenty of flexibility at each location.  
You will come away from this Safari with some great visual memories of Downtown Fort Worth’s most famous icons and very useful tips on travel photography you can use any place in the world!

Safari Details:

Offered on Saturday, April 9th 2016, 9:15 a.m. to noon.  Meet at the entrance to the Fort Worth Water Gardens located next to the Fort Worth Convention Center on the south end of downtown Fort Worth between Houston and Commerce Streets.

Although the safari will give you an opportunity to capture the beauty experienced throughout Downtown Fort Worth, remember the main purpose of these photo workshops is to train you on how to use all the features of your camera for travel photography: getting you off the automatic settings; using the f-stops; learning about shutter speeds, the white balance and ISO settings; the choice of lenses to use for each shot; how to pose people; how to photograph statues, and historic places, such as Sundance Square.  These Safaris are great workshops in nature and travel photography.  There is no better way to learn photography than in this hands-on opportunity!