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Fort Worth "Blooms in the Botanic Garden" Photo Safari

Taking advantage of beautiful Fort Worth Botanic Garden, this photography workshop focuses on how to take pictures of the environment (from cityscapes to landscapes).  Learn the art of scouting for an image and visual editing.  We will take full advantage of seasonal changes in foliage and the rich photo opportunities for any camera or phone!

There is no more beautiful, fascinating place for photography than the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  Whatever the season, whatever the time of year or time of day, the Garden is a paradise for photographers.  Focus in and capture the exquisite details of an endless variety of plants.  Step back for breathtaking panoramic scenes of the many gardens and natural areas.  We will show you many unique areas seldom seen by the visiting many. 

We start our safari at 9:15 a.m. right at the entrance to the Four Seasons Garden for a 30-minute orientation on foliage and landscape photography: how to use the camera to capture the best images, how to understand f-stops and shutter speeds, depth of field, focal point, foregrounds, sky, leading lines, and the choice of lens to use.  The Safari also covers everything from light to composition and provides the unique photographic opportunity to sharpen your skills and to capture memories for a lifetime.  You’ll get hands on instruction and immediate feedback for continuous improvement right on the spot!  We will emphasize different photography skills at each of the garden stops throughout our time together.

We will move from the Four Seasons Garden, to Fuller, to Horseshoe, to Trial, and to Perennial Gardens building on photographic techniques that will make your foliage and landscape photos pop! 
At each location we take pictures with Sandra's direction and guidance on many specific photography techniques already mentioned above also to include best composition and camera use all along the way.  

You will come away from this Safari with some great visual memories and very useful tips on foliage and landscape photography you can use any place in the world!

Safari Details:
Offered on Saturday, May 14th 2016, 9:15 a.m. to noon.  Meet at the entrance to the Four Seasons Garden in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden located at 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd., Fort Worth.

Although the safari will give you an opportunity to capture the beauty experienced throughout the Gardens, remember the main purpose of these photo workshops is to train you on how to use all the features of your camera for foliage and landscape photography: getting you off the automatic settings; using the f-stops; learning about shutter speeds, depth of field, the white balance and ISO settings; the choice of lenses to use for each shot; and how to compose your photos to create powerful visual lifetime memories that are photographic art.  These Safaris are great workshops in nature and landscape photography.  There is no better way to learn photography than in this hands-on opportunity!