2016 :: A New Year!

Welcoming a New Year is a special time to reflect…

and a wonderful time to look ahead with a whole new lens!


Reflecting...As we reflect on 2015, we all have so many accomplishments to celebrate and of which we all can be incredibly proud!  Accomplishments to celebrate with the team who surrounds us each and every day for no accomplishment albeit big or small can ever be done alone.  It’s a time to say THANK YOU to all those who invest in us in what are often subtle, silent ways!  Take a moment to write down some of your successes and enjoy / share the moment, celebrate the present, with those in your unique sphere of influence.  Picture how far you have all come together!  Capture this great momentum going into the New Year for the best is ahead!


Looking ahead….it is so exciting to think about 2016!  Safaris are already planned that will help you build on photography techniques such as composition, exposure, and lighting; F-stops, using a tripod, slow shutter speeds, setting the best white balance to grow on your own creativity and choosing what lens to use when.  Incredible “insider’s view” opportunities are coming to The Kimbell, Broadway Baptist Church, Botanic Garden, the Stockyard’s, and many more!  Want to learn street photography?  How about night photography?  WOW!  We have so much to look forward to as we learn by doing!  I call this field-based photography!


Thought for Every Day 2016:  Never leave your “playing field” saying I could have done more to get ready; every day, leave it all on the “field.”  Memories of a lifetime are created every day where we “live.”  Our values include:  Collaboration – striving together to reach maximum potential while connecting our community, Service – delivering WOW through service; Integrity – building honest and open relationships with our customers, Excellence – pursuing growth and learning; driving change, and Commitment to be always - adventurous, creative, and open-minded.  We recommit to our customers, and to all those within the community we love and support, that everything we do is based on this foundation of quality.  We partner with you to share in a successful 2016 as we Live.Enrich.Capture. amazing memories made every day!

Let’s make a new beginning together!  Hello 2016!  Here We Come!