About cowtown photo safaris

Cowtown Photo Safaris teaches the techniques of photography by taking visitors and local residents on half-day and full-day photo shoots around key sites of this historic area and other cities, while an accompanying professional photographer offers participants extensive tips in camera use, image composition and design, proper exposure, lighting, and posing “models” for the best effect.

Following our motto "Live.Enrich.Capture.", we show you where there are fabulous images in the Cowtown area and how to capture them for long-lasting memory collections and experiences.

Photographers of all skill levels are invited to participate in Photo Safaris and any camera is acceptable, even smartphone cameras!  Principal photography workshops take participants to the major Cowtown sites, including the monuments,memorials, and cathedrals.  Beyond these key sites, specialty Safaris are offered on techniques in nature photography, f stops and shutter speeds, indoor/outdoor architectural, food, nighttime photography, pet, macro, abstracts, candid kids, fine arts, proper/creative flash, and indoor/outdoor portraiture.  During Texas' beautiful wildflower season, especially bluebonnets, photo safaris are provided at least twice a day around the area.

our mission statement

The purpose of Cowtown Photo Safaris is to create and capture lifelong memories, inspire knowledge, and celebrate our community.


Live. Enrich. Capture.